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2022 Dodge Dakota

2022 Dodge Dakota : What and When to Expect?

The Dodge Dakota has been a popular truck since its inception. There were different versions of the Dodge Dakota that came in previous years. Is the Ram Dakota coming? But wasn’t the Ram Dakota got cancelled? Of course, it is the right thing to say that initially, it got canceled, but now it is rumored that a new Ram truck might be on its way, but with a different name, i.e. 2022 Dodge Dakota. The Ram Dakota project is yet on the table.

If we talk about small pickup trucks in North America, they have become popular once again. Undoubtedly, we have seen many innovations in a previous couple of years. Popular names had entered the US market in previous years, such as the Ford Ranger, Jeep Gladiator, Nissan Frontier, and many others. Hence, there is nothing new in saying that something is also cooking in the kitchen of the Ram Dakota. The reputed truck maker is about to carry out innovation in the truck market as a 2022 Dodge Dakota.

New Dodge Dakota

This new model in 2022 will make its come back after many years of interval. As it has a familiar nameplate, but it is going to be a completely different and new model that would not have common specifications and features with its previous generation. With its new, amazing features and specifications, 2022 Dodge Dakota will be competing in a fast-developing segment of the truck market. This is why we can expect many exciting things in this new model related to its design and features.


Let’s Talk About Its Design

There is not too much information about its specifications available. At this point, we can wait only so that its officials can come up with some vital information about its specifications such as design, features, etc. but still, there is a chance that we can make some predictions of its key design features. The primary thing that may come to our mind is its platform and the FCA has already a design for a vehicle of this size. FCA is the same platform that supports the new Jeep Gladiator, as well as the recent-generation Wrangler.

But we still can anticipate some differences in its design. This new model of the Dodge Dakota will derive design features from the full-sized Ram 1500. It means that the styling of this new model will be going to attract Ram Dodge Lovers.

Dodge Ram Dakota

When it comes to engines, there may be tough competition for Dodge Dakota as well. A V6 is definitely one of the options to choose from. Rather than using a 3.6 liter unit like Gladiator, this Dakota may come with a 3.2-liter displacement. It would be good if the truck will have a lighter configuration, which is ideal for 240 lb-ft of torque and 270 hp. Of course, engineers working on this Dakota project may suffer from a hard time while thinking of its configuration. Of course, its design, engine, and specifications are dependent on its purpose and size.

2005 Dodge Dakota
Pic : 2005 Dodge Dakota

On the other hand, it is speculated that a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine may be a part of its specifications. It is at a similar horsepower level to V6, but it develops 55 more pound-feet of rotation. Talking about towing capacity, it would not go beyond 3500 pounds. With a V6 engine, this Dakota can become a serious hauler along with a capacity of 7000 lbs. According to other rumors, it may have a 1.9-liter diesel engine having 150 hp, which is embedded with a 6-speed manual gearbox. In this Dakota, a front-wheel-drive comes in the form of a standard option.

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New Dodge Dakota 2022

Styling is one of the major things that need to be considered when it comes to exterior design. For this segment, we can anticipate typical dimensions, such as it may feature 137 inches in wheelbase as Gladiator. But make sure you know that Gladiator is available in a crew cab variant only. The 2022 Dodge Dakota will be expected to have a single/double or both cab layout along with different bed sizes. At the same time, we might be going to have a wide range of dimensions as well in this new model of Ram Dakota. It might be influenced by the full-sized 1500 model. Its final version will be going to have a familiar front face that featured the present generation of the full-sized truck.

New Dodge Dakota 2022

Talking about its interior design, this new Dakota can be expected to have a well-modeled and pretty lavish cabin. There would be a usage of quality materials in its inside design along with interesting tech features. It will definitely beat its rivals having well-established names in the segment like Chevy Colorado or Toyota Tacoma. The more chances, it will stick to a more out-of-date approach. We can expect that this new pickup truck will come in both double and single cab layouts having different bed sizes in a package.

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When is the New Ram Dakota Coming Out?

As it has been finalized that the comeback of New Ram Dakota in 2022 is obvious, but it may be based on a wide range of factors. As we can see that there were plans about the return of this New Ram Dakota, at this time, these plans are on hold for now. Undoubtedly, the company is not making plans for new projects, as they have one important plan in their mind with this mid-sized truck.

New Ram Dakota in 2022

The segment of New Ram Dakota is pretty obvious and hot at this stage. If we see the scenario of previous years, this segment was not the case at that time, when large SUVs along with a wide range of versatility susceptible to kill those trucks. At present, there is huge competition among truck manufacturers and companies. More and more companies are joining the race with different truck models giving a variety of exciting features. Recently, FCA introduced the Jeep Truck after a long time of 30 years.

It is not easy to predict that this New Ram Dakota will join a similar segment. As the production of this 2022 Dakota has not been started yet, then there are more chances to see this concept in the next year.

If you are a truck lover, then you can stick with the latest updates about this New Dakota 2022 by going online.

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