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A Guide to Finding your Ideal Car

A Guide to Finding your Ideal Car

We know that there are many people wanting to find the ideal car and that they have not done so because they do not know how to start looking for it. To help them, we decided to make a guide to find the ideal car according to the tastes and needs of each person.

To find the car that goes with you, you must consider 4 aspects:

  1. Define your Needs
  2. Set your Budget
  3. Find your Vehicle
  4. How are you going to acquire it?

The first thing is to know what you want the car for, then define the budget you have. The next thing will be to look for the car and then the way to acquire it. We explain each of these points in detail.

A Guide to Finding your ideal Car

1. Define your Needs

Let's start at the beginning, why are you going to occupy the car? It will be a car for your business, to travel or simply to go to work.

A vehicle can be used to carry out various transport activities, so you should think about which ones you are going to carry out mainly.

It is very common to see drivers disappointed because they chose a car with little space or that consumes a lot of fuel.

Within your needs, check what your usual route will be and make sure that your car does not have too many problems to circulate on that road.

Know if you will use your car for the road, travel a dirt road or if the path is full of curves, ascents or descents; It will help you to know what characteristics are essential.

You can also be inclined to install some systems later such as fog lights, braking assistants but make sure they exist on the market.

Remember, each step is important, the first thing is to decide what you want, thinking about your needs without forgetting those of all those who will use the car.

One point that is overlooked is where are you going to park your car?

Once you know what you want to buy your car for, you should think about the place and space available to park it. If you do not have a garage, think about the cost of the pension.

If you are going to use the car to go to school or work, you should also plan where you will park it while you are doing your other activities. The goal here is to make sure your car is safe both at home and in the places you frequent.

What features are essential in your car, what devices cannot be missing according to your tastes and needs. For example, if you live in very cold areas, a heating system cannot be missing.

Beyond the color, the design or the brand. When you are looking for a new cars you have to make a list of the characteristics that you consider essential. These can range from security systems, to a high ceiling and enough room to stretch the legs and for cargo.

We all want a car that gets more mileage and has lower fuel consumption, but the little details also make the difference between owning a car and having the perfect car.

Know who is going to use the car? Besides you, it is very important because not only you should be comfortable in the car.

The car must also meet the needs of the companions. When buying a car you have to think about the number of seats that the vehicle should have or the security elements such as airbags or child locks on the doors.

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2. Set your budget

Once you know what you want, the next step is to review your budget. After doing so, you will be clear about how much money you have at your disposal and what amount you can allocate to buy your new vehicle without affecting your pocket.

If you don't have a budget yet, here we will quickly share with you how you can do it:

  • Write down how much money you have available to spend right away to buy a car (prior savings).
  • Write down how much money you make.
  • Write down how much money you spend.
  • Divide your expenses into fixed (those that remain the same each month such as rent or tuition) and variables (spending on gifts, travel, sweets, tips, etc.).

In both fixed and variable expenses, analyze what things you are spending more than you should. Think of ways you can partially or totally reduce those expenses.

Subtract expenses from your income to obtain the amount that you can use month after month.

(Monthly Income) - (Monthly Expenses) = Monthly Amount Available

Remember to set aside a part of the monthly amount available to start a new savings and to face unforeseen eventualities.

Your previous savings will be the amount that you can use to make the down payment. While the result of the subtraction will be the amount that you will have available to make the monthly payments.

3. Find your vehicle

Once you have answered the questions above, you will surely have a much clearer idea of ??what you are looking for and can move on to the third step, selecting the vehicle.

Collect information on all the cars you look at and like, such as technical data, safety, price, performance, etc.

Ask friends and acquaintances, with the same model of car that you want to buy or another manufactured by the same company, what they think of the car and if they have any recommendations.

Once you decide on a car thinking about its characteristics, take a test drive. Do not limit yourself to seeing the brochures, feeling and driving the car will allow you to have a more objective view of it and you can judge, beyond its characteristics, if it suits your needs.

Some manufacturers offer discounts that can make a car that doesn't meet all of your requirements more attractive. You must be firm with your decisions, understand your priorities and never act on impulse.

4. How are you going to buy your car?

There are many ways to acquire a car, it can be through a loan, a car lease, self-financing and even buying it for cash. Your best option will depend on your needs.

Automotive leasing is ideal for legal entities, individuals with business activity and those incorporated into a tax regime. In short, because they can deduct taxes on car payments, expenses and even gas.

There are platforms like Nexu that offer you very flexible leasing schemes with approval for almost all profiles. In addition, they give you personalized advice and you can make an online quote and get approved in a couple of minutes.

If you decide to apply for a loan, you can go to financial institutions, with the car selected and your budget in hand, so that they can show you the credit options they have available. We share the basic points to select the credit that best suits your needs and offers you the most benefits.

Just like when you select your car, you should not stick with the first offer you receive, so we recommend visiting various institutions until you find the right one.

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