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How to Improve the Performance of a Hybrid Car?

How to Improve the Performance of a Hybrid Car?

Many drivers decide to buy a hybrid car because of the savings in fuel consumption. While the second motor and electric batteries help reduce gas costs, we can do a lot to further improve the performance of our hybrid car.

In this article we want to share a series of tips to improve the performance of your hybrid car, reduce fuel consumption and visit the mechanic to a minimum.

How to Improve the Performance of a Hybrid Car


How Does a Hybrid Car Work?

Let's review to better understand how hybrid cars work. This type of car has a combustion engine, a battery and an electric motor.

Depending on their operation and how these mechanisms interact, they can be classified into 3 types:

Series Hybrid : in this case the electric motor is the one that provides the vehicle's traction. Its energy is obtained from the battery, which is recharged by the combustion engine.

Parallel Hybrid : in this type, both engines drive the vehicle and with advances in technology it was possible to create different systems that combine their operation to improve their efficiency. In this case we can speak of a combined hybrid.

In the Parallel Hybrid, the battery can be recharged by the inertia of the movement, the combustion engine or by a socket, better known as a plug-in.

Improve the Performance of a Hybrid Car

Once we understand how a hybrid vehicle works, let's go on to explain how to improve its operation and performance.

Accelerate Smoothly. In a hybrid system, the electric motor always starts the vehicle and only when more power is required does the combustion engine come into operation.

The problem happens when we accelerate too much when starting the march, we force the entry of the combustion engine and therefore the fuel consumption.

The interaction of both engines is shown on the dashboard of your car. Visualize how many revolutions the combustion engine turns on and try to accelerate gradually to use the electric motor for as long as possible.

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Take advantage of Regenerative Braking. A great advantage of a hybrid car is the recharging of the battery due to the inertia of the movement. When you brake in a hybrid car, the energy produced by stopping the vehicle is saved in the batteries for use when you restart.

Knowing how to take advantage of this mechanism helps you save both battery power and fuel. To produce this regenerative energy, release the throttle early and brake gently for a longer period (stop slowly). In this way the regenerative braking system charges the batteries.

It is also possible to take advantage of this system by braking with greater force, but in addition to being more unsafe, it does not produce as much energy as braking for long periods.

We recommend that you review the specifications of this system in your user manual or with the agency where you bought your car, to know specifically how to make the most of the regenerative system.

Wear the Slopes. On steep roads, do not accelerate to gain more speed, use gravity to move the vehicle forward. If you feel that the car gains a lot of speed, use the regenerative brake to decelerate and also the batteries save this energy to use it later.

Use the Air Conditioning. It is a question for many drivers, does the air conditioning consume fuel? The answer is yes, but then should we never use it? Here we must apply a little common sense.

In very hot conditions you can try opening the windows, if the problem is not solved it is best to close them and turn on the air conditioning. If you drive on the highway, it is always better to use the air conditioning, because the air entering the car produces resistance and your car will be forced to use more fuel.

Currently many hybrid cars have energy saving systems in the use of air conditioning, if this is your case, do not hesitate to activate it.

Eco Mode. The vast majority of cars have an Eco mode, which saves a lot of fuel and hybrid cars are no exception. Eco mode is ideal for city driving where you don't need a lot of power.

In this way of driving, the electric motor is used almost at all times and it regulates the accelerations so as not to have fuel losses.

Energy Management. Hybrid vehicles have an energy management system. He is in charge of managing the combination of the engines depending on the road conditions.

In very steep climbs this system activates the electric motor to help the combustion engine and save fuel. Even on rough roads, it manages the acceleration and power used to improve performance.

It ensures the correct operation of the energy management system and if you see opportunities where you can improve performance, you can also customize this system.

More Tips to Improve your Vehicle's Performance

So far we have talked about ways to improve the performance exclusively of a hybrid car. Now we share more tips to save fuel while driving that can also be applied to conventional combustion vehicles.

Maintain a Constant Speed. Sudden speed changes force you to accelerate abruptly and therefore consume more fuel.

Avoid Idling. It's a myth that you need to warm up the car to start your gear. The only care you should have is to accelerate smoothly.

Plan your Trips. Organizing your trips and routes can help you a lot of time and fuel in unnecessary trips. You can help you with GPS location systems, to know the least congested routes.

Avoid the extra Inmate. Unnecessary objects in the car consume more fuel since their weight generates greater resistance in movement. Try to limit the objects you carry in the car to what is essential.

Tire Pressure. The tires are the element of the car that have contact with the road. Poor pressure, alignment, or rolling make it difficult for the car to move forward and strain the engines, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

Car Maintenance. Seek constant reviews of your car to ensure its proper functioning. In particular, check the air and oil filters because they directly influence fuel costs. You can also use accessories to improve fuel consumption.

Do you want to buy a hybrid car? The best way is with a car lease. Under this scheme you can deduct monthly payments and maintenance expenses from taxes.

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