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How the Internet has Influenced the Automotive Industry

The Internet has impacted all aspects of life in society and few sectors are more influenced than the automotive sector. From innovative campaigns, large amounts of information at the click of a button or targeted advertising, digital media represents a new challenge for automotive companies.

Not for nothing do 96% of people who want to buy a car consult information online. On average 5 sources, including manufacturer or consumer review sites, as highlighted by Google's study of the new car buying process.

How is the Purchase Process Developed with the help of the Internet?

The decision to buy a new car occurs mainly for three reasons: the need to renew the one you already have, because you are looking for autonomy or to take advantage of a financing opportunity.

The first approach to the subject is through friends and family, who have great weight in the final decision. However, online sources such as manufacturers' websites are increasingly recurrent, mainly due to the accessibility, speed and growing credibility of the medium.

In the first instance, users go to the Internet to be aware of new brands and models. When they already choose the car of their preference, they review information about the technical characteristics of the models and brands of their interest.

Finally, the last approach to the sources is to know about financing plans or credits. The search for information is of great importance since 60% change their initial idea after becoming more oriented on the subject.

On average, users consult ten sources of information before deciding to purchase, five of these are found on the Internet. Manufacturer sites, search engines, videos, dealership sites, and social media are the main online sources that the user turns to.

Internet Inquiries are Outpacing Traditional Media

People continue to turn to traditional sources, especially vendors or friends. However, no matter at what time of purchase they are, users perform more searches on any Internet site, than they do on traditional sources such as TV, radio or other people.

This increase is largely due to the development and trade of smart devices. In addition, the mobile connection has allowed users to consult information almost anywhere.

Although most of the searches are still done through a computer, tablets and smartphones are starting to gain ground. 69% of people interested in buying a car in addition to using a computer, use their smartphone, while 55% use the tablet.

Video Consumption in the Automotive Industry Media

Videos have become one of the most important sources of information for people looking to buy a car, at least eight out of ten consult videos online.

The study on the car buying process in Mexico, carried out by Google, reveals that 90% of users consider online videos as a reliable source of information and base their decision on the information they get from them.

The article carried out in conjunction with the firm Netpop Research, specifies that the type of videos that users see are mainly about the brands in the market and characteristics of the cars, mostly uploaded to the Internet by fans of some model or brand.

The Internet is not only used to obtain information, users also spend part of their time posting comments or reviews about the car they bought, which can be a great source of publicity for auto companies.

The same Google study indicates that on average 28% of people who have already bought a car, published reviews on social networks or wrote on specialized portals, their experience with the car.

Automotive Advertising on the Internet

Since the beginnings of electronic commerce in the 90's, the Internet has been a great ally for the world of sales, and innovations in recent years have allowed companies to interact with consumers and analyze their behavior.

The advantages that the Internet offers to advertising are a global reach, the possibility of segmenting consumers and requires a much lower investment than in other media.

However, with such a competitive market and dozens of campaigns coming out every week around the world, creative work plays a fundamental role in designing original proposals that attract and invite consumers to participate. These are some examples.

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