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What is your Ideal Car according to your Lifestyle

Well they say that each one with his each and in cars this also applies. Can you imagine a six-foot-two man driving a mini Volvo or a girl wearing stilettos, getting out of a modified Jeep 4 × 4 sport? I'm not saying you can't, but it would certainly be very unusual.

The car is often the reflection of your personality and, as much as your pocket limits you, you will always choose the car that goes with you.

For this reason, there are all types of cars on the market, with endless characteristics and qualities that meet the needs of each person, no matter how extravagant they are.

This article is not intended to create stereotypes, but there is no doubt that different types of personality need different types of cars, so why not take a look at this article to give you an idea of what the car has to be for each style of life.

What is your Ideal Car according to your Lifestyle

Cars for Geeks

Geeks are people who all the time have the latest technology, the latest iPhone or Samsung, the best headphones, an iBook, an iPad. Technology is one more extension of your body, therefore your car should have the best of this area.

They are people who do not like going on a trip very much and prefer the city so an SUV or a truck is not an option, they prefer city cars, compact with great functionality.

If you are a geek, surely you are reading this from your smartphone, what do you think of a car with smart LED lights, which change depending on the cars on the road, several brands have implemented them, especially Audi in several of their models.

A trunk that opens by itself. Ford and Mercedes Benz put a system in their cars that detects the car keys and you just have to put your foot under the car for the trunk to open, great for someone who never lets go of the cell phone.

Cars for Hipsters

Hipsters are a mix between a hippie and a fashionista touch, therefore their cars must be the same. For us to understand each other, a hipster likes something healthy, friendly to the environment, they bring a very vintage vibe, that is, clothes and accessories from other times.

For hipsters it is best to stand out from the rest, but not with expensive and flashy items, rather they like to break the standard, not be equal to others.

It is true that hipsters prefer to ride a bicycle, but if they have an ideal car, it would undoubtedly be those of designs from years ago but with a modern style, the closest thing to vintage, they like those cars that are friendly with the environment and with many accessories .

If you are a hipster, the Fiat 500 Cabrio goes with you, with its convertible body and exterior design, it is a car that looks out of all standard. In addition, it is a car with good performance and emits few polluting gases.

The least a hipster can accept is a Renault Clio, and that's if the bodywork has two colors and the older the model, the better. The design is extravagant, the functionality optimal and the basic luxury.

Cars for the Mirreyes

The mirreyes are those men who take care of their image at all times, are fashionable, eat in fashionable restaurants and on weekends they go for a walk to another country or on safari to Africa.

The mirreyes can be of different economic levels, there are those who drive a BMW Roadster or a Ferrari, wear Louis Vuitton clothes and walk with guards. But there are also what they wear from Pull and Bear and they drive a Ford Focus, a good car by the way.

But those mirreyes who fill their Instagram walls with photos of their excesses, drive at least one Audi in its luxury versions, be it coupe or sedan and from there the luxury goes up.

These young people with shirts unbuttoned to the chest, also drive Ferrari, sports BMWs and could not miss the Lamborghini diablo or venom for the most eccentric.

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